Cross Country 

At Thomas Van Lines, we know how difficult packing your belongings and moving everything down the street, let alone another part of the country, can be. The sheer number of steps required quickly becomes overwhelming, and combined with existing family and work commitments, the weeks before moving day can feel more stressful than the big day itself. Add the stress of cross-country travel, and you have a potential recipe for disaster!

But we’re here to help – for 25 years, Thomas Van Lines have assisted movers across Canada with relocations as small as a bachelor pad from Edmonton to Calgary and as large as a corporate office with hundreds of employees. Just say the word, and we guarantee you won’t have to worry about a single step leading up to your move!


Like all of our services, Thomas Van Lines’ cross-country equipment and moving staff are fully ensured, with all charges negotiated beforehand. There are no surprises or hidden fees with us! We are also proud members of the Canadian Moving and Storage Network, and are more than happy to provide customer testimonials upon request.


If at any time you have questions about our services, just ask!