Step One: Plan Your Move

We also recommend that you create a floor plan of your new destination, so that we know where to place furniture and other heavy or large items.


Because moving often involves valuable items, we require that delicate objects such as large-screen televisions and computer equipment all be assessed.

Step Three: Organize

If packing your own home or office, we recommend that you number all boxes and list the contents on the container or write them down on a separate inventory sheet. If each member of your family has their own room, or each employee their own desk, we recommend letting them pack themselves. Meanwhile items that are not being moved until the big day, or not being moved at all, should be tagged as such to eliminate confusion.


If you’ve hired us to pack for you, our expert movers will organize your belongings with the same care as if they belonged to us, and divide them into labelled boxes clearly and legibly so that you can unpack them yourself if you so choose.


Our labelling system has been used to successfully guide local and long-distance moves of all sizes, from one-bedroom apartments to company floors. You’re in safe hands when you work with us!

Step Two: Decide How You’re Going to Pack

Moving, whether local or long distance, requires a lot more than packing. There are documents to sign, addresses to change, payments to process, loose ends to tie up and new beginnings to unwrap.


In between, if the thought of packing your current life into boxes makes your skin crawl we’re happy to help! Just name a time and date and our professionals will arrive at your doorstep, as if by magic, and make all of your packing-related stresses disappear.

Step Four: Unload

Before reaching your destination, the best course of action is to create a floor plan beforehand so that you know where everything goes. This speeds up the move, maximizing both our efficiency and our value to you, the paying customer.


When you arrive at your new destination, we will lay out your furniture according to your new floor plan, or collaborate with you in deciding best to place it. Each of our moving strategies is unique and based on your needs, enabling Thomas Van Lines to finish its job quickly so that your life can return to normal as quickly as possible.